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While drivers can put the phone in a cup holder, on a console, or on a seat and then use the speaker, trying to reach over and make calls and input addresses into a GPS is very difficult. Having the phone at or near eye-level makes using it much easier and safer. I personally use one that is similar to what police use, that extends off of a post attached to my console, but that may be over the top for most people.

Many stores also carry phone holders that suction to windshields and, contrary to some rumors online, windshield mounts are not illegal in Georgia. If drivers have newer cars, they should learn how to use the in-car options.

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Most late models are Bluetooth-ready, as are most mobile devices. The newest cars interact nearly seamlessly with phones for calls, texts, streaming, and GPS. Android Auto is even more user-friendly than Apple CarPlay, but both mobile giants have gone to great lengths to innovate in this field. Drivers should also explore what options in their phone settings can limit notifications and even calls. Enabling these will help set up some useful guardrails as people adjust to the law.

20 best Android apps and games this week

Hydrick said the law is more about changing a mindset. GOHS has a very helpful site for those with questions on the law: This is part two in a four-part series on the Hands-Free Georgia Act. Next week, we look at how drivers and law enforcement adapted to similar laws in other states. Contact him at Doug. Turnbull coxinc.

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MLS Magic is MLS's latest innovative product, which was launched in and belongs to the 2-in-1 category of products, allowing the user to own both a tablet and a laptop. It is also dual boot, meaning that it combines two operating systems, both Windows and Android. The duration of the corporate bond is four 4 years with an option to extend for one 1 more year. At the end of every coupon period, which will be quarterly, the issuer will deposit the coupon amount to every holder of the Corporate Bond title s , calculated based on an annual interest rate of 5.

MLS Destinator Talk & Drive Android Ultra review

A non exhaustive list of European projects where MLS has participated in is shown below:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. MLS Innovation Inc.

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