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I list of links in EverNote to facilitate locating the books I want to read. The link opens the Silk Browser right to the correct page. When you open a comic to read, it opens to fill the full screen unlike the app, navigation works great, and the comic looks beautiful. You can still pinch and stretch as you see fit.

But since my tablet is an 8. Windows tablets worry me for the same reason as the Kindle — Marvel Unlimited compatibility. You will be able to access Comixology in the Windows store, though. Personally this is a stay-away unless you have an absolute need for Microsoft. The discussion around your phone of choice is very similar to the full-size vs. Or at least… that was traditionally the case. The latest gen iPhone and behemoths like the Samsung Galaxy Note are extremely reasonable comic book reading devices. The gist is this: Hoopla — Simply put, Hoopla is my new favorite digital comics app.

Great selection of DC, Vertigo, and Image books. He's a long-time comic book fan, and can be seen most evenings in Batman pajama pants. Contact Dave comicbookherald on Twitter or via email at dave comicbookherald. Is there a Unlimited and Comixology App for windows? I own both a RCA Viking Pro and an Alco Pro12 sister tablet to the RCA Pro12, same thing but twice the onboard storage, ie 64GB version and I cannot recommend them more as comic readers, especially for those on a budget looking for a comic reader and not much else.

I bought them specifically for this purpose because of their At On the Viking Pro I found myself zooming in to get the most out of the art fairly often but on the Pro12 I almost never do.

Heroically Support Comic Book Herald!

Another point of praise: Has anyone tried the new Ipad Pro I am chomping at the bit if it will allow good comic viewing. I use both a The new The first gen I guess I have to make due with a fantastic screen instead of a fantastic, but even better screen, until I upgrade lol. I have the My prime reasons for having it are comics and videos.

Gideon, Personally I think a 15 inch screen would be too big for casually reading comics and my guess is the weight of the device will quickly become a factor. I want my laptop to be a bad-ass laptop for work and I want my tablet to be a bad-ass light-weight tablet for consumption. I use both for very different things. All, In an update from my previous thread I wound up getting the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet and I feel like it was a great purchase. However, it makes for a great stand and screen cover when you fold it up.

Dave Thanks for the response! I think for me the reason why the 2-in-1 is an appeal is more financial than anything. I thinking on that still. But if you think the comics would look good on a 15 inch screen, I may be willing to compromise with the weight. I think not having to squint to read the text at all would be a welcome change to my comic book reading experience.

I wanted to update this thread with my experience using the Google Pixel C as a digital comic reader. Overall I would NOT recommend this tablet for reading comics. The back of the device is very slick and feels like it could easily slip from your fingers. The screen itself is beautiful and the aspect ratio is great for reading on the other hand. The aspect ratio alone leads me to believe it would be a superior reading experience.

I was hoping to get away from Samsung, as I find their weird quirky implementation of Android to get on my nerves TouchWiz bloat, reversing of the back and recent apps buttons, insisting on a physical home button, for example. I would like a display that has a higher ppi and the ability to actually use the Play store, as I have at least a few apps purchased thru there. Still, when I look all I see is Samsung and Apple practically. When I look at cheap tablets they seem to have decent specs, except for the display, so I have to rule them out.

Received this Dragon Touch X10 https: I can still return it and I am looking for suggestions on something I can exchange it towards. Any thoughts? Did you keep the Dragon Touch, or go with something else? Any revelations? Anyone here have that? IMO smaller than 9. I love that the iPad Pro handles pages full size and is no compromise, no having to scroll around, zoom in, etc.

Well, I guess too page spreads you might still end up having to tip it sideways or whatnot, but other than that…. Thank you so much for the reply! What is your preferred app for reading comics on the iPad Pro Try using Chunky Reader for drm-free comics on the iPad. Also need to do it for fairly cheap since its really just for comics.

I use the Nook for ComicRack files and have had zero problems. The tablet itself is far from glorious, but it gets me my comics, and for that I love it. Cool thanks. My install became corrupt and non-functional, deleted and went to re-install…. Rooting the tablet seems easier than trying to side-load. It was the perfect tablet for the job — no camera, slow processor, but great screen.

Everything else that looked as good was twice the price. That sucks to hear. Alternately, you could look for an older apk online and sideload it, your subscription should still work with it. I bought black, but you can get one in purple Killgrave edition!

Best Tablets for Reading in 2018 - The Top 5 Reading Tablets

I have found a few tablets that I wanna get for comics, and books, but I have to narrow it down. However I did go back to using an iPad. Not because of a particular problem with the Surface, but the website. I found that website goes down several times a week, but during this time the App still functions.

5 Best Tablets For Reading Books In

How did you use the website? Like I started in and decided to just read everything going forward from there. Even the process of downloading books to read offline seems super clunky. I feel like I must be missing something, that the website must work way better than it does. New to comics here, only been reading them for a couple of months when Facebook popped up a 1 cent deal for Marvel Unlimited.

I use a Surface 3 not pro and read Marvel Unlimited all the time on it My wife is so thrilled. For me it runs great. Only frustration I have is that on occasion a comic will stop recognizing that I am tapping in the center to turn off the tool bars. A simple refresh of the page resolves that.

Saw that Comixology is getting rid of their windows up and has upgraded the web page, and that is much better. Sorry, I completely forgot to ask you… if you read in the dark or in dim light, does the Surface 3 get dim enough for you? Regarding the Air 2 vs. No way is it pleasant to me to read on a smaller screen still! One big advantage iOS seems to have over everything else-you can dial the brightness in reading programs down below the minimum. I think it does that through contrast tricks not sure but either way the iPad can get much darker than any Android tablet, and I think than the Surface line too.

Interesting thoughts on the 9. As far as I can tell you can pretty much read any comic you could think of on that site. Long story short, enjoy it while it lasts! I was thinking about purchasing the Galaxy Tab 4. Does anyone know how comics fare on this? Please and thank-you. So no Kobo Arc 7, 7HD or 10 in this list? Did you try it or is not good?

The Best Tablets For Reading Comics: 12222 Edition!

I am about to buy one online, but the page is crashing all the time, so out of patience I decided to check other options and came up here. Good list by the way. I bought one maybe a year back basically just for reading Marvel Unlimited, and I liked it a lot, but it had issues. It was buggy and sluggish, and while the screen was fantastic, it forced borders on Marvel Unlimited, so it was never truly fullscreen.

Because of this — I cannot stress this enough — the best thing you can do is install Cyanogenmod. The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience. Performance 1.

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Has Has WiFi? The device can connect to WiFi. Battery 1. The battery can be recharged and used over again. The battery is removable and can be replaced by the user if broken. An indicator shows you when the device has low battery. The device has a dictionary that can be accessed offline. All your contacts and calendar dates are synced over-the-air. Users can get access to books from real libraries. This enables your device to verbalize on-screen content. Miscellaneous 1.

Allows app installs on the device's external storage. Supports bookmarks sync across different devices. You can take a screenshot of your phone's screen. Has sharing intents? The browser has word wrap? Supports video chat. Top 10 e-readers 1. Add to comparison. This page is currently only available in English.