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The App: Point Blur

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This app is sweet and simple. Choose from a variety of colors and styles, and let the text messaging fun begin. The standard iOS emojis have nothing on this pixillated parrot caricature. Bad words bleeped. Photos pixelated.

Secrets kept. True story. This is a delightful and creative use of iMessage stickers. Send your favorite GIFs without leaving iMessage.

Privacy first

Snap a selfie, crop it, and then superimpose your face onto over 1, different customizable GIFs. Let the LOLing begin. The easiest way to send a poll on iMessage. The Emoji Poll is a fun way to poll your friends over iMessage. This app makes polling fun in situations where it might otherwise be a pain.

Account Options

Keep your text messages secure with Touch ID authentication. Add spice, mystery, and anticipation Make more of playful moments. Never feel embarrassed again scrolling through Messages conversations or having a notification pop up at the wrong time. With Blur, you have control over photos meant for your eyes only and can message photos discreetly.

Blurred photos even vanish from conversations We added screenshot detection for your blur messages. I felt compelled to leave a 5 star review to balance out the bad reviews because it is an injustice this app is not more popular.


How to Send Invisible Ink Messages from iPhone and iPad

Same way we have gifs and music and digital touch messages, this app is another additional way to send unique messages. The focus is privacy because the messages are blurred and are only available for a limited time like snapchat. The person has to download the app, but so what? There is no account to sign up for and it takes 5 seconds to download.

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If they want to see the image they have to download it, otherwise the photo can remain a mystery and nobody has to speak of it again. It is very simple app. This app is all free. Welcome our friends.

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Thank you. Photo editor photo edit app. Reviews Review Policy. Added a soft brush.

10 Best iMessage Apps for Your iPhone

For natural effects. Three types of brushes have been added from the plus button next to the pink button on the lower left of the screen. The boundary line is clear. The border becomes soft.

Keep Your Photos Private With the Blur iMessage App

The border becomes natural. Three types of brushes can make photo processing more convenient than ever. View details. Flag as inappropriate.