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iPhone 5S Drop Test - Otterbox Defender Series Torture Tests

Theses are just a few of the colors seletions you can get from Amazon, you can get a ton more from there as well. Below you can see the various color combinations you can chose from, like the phone above is the grey shell with the pink slip cover, you can mix and match. If you dont see it on Amazon first, you can purchase it directly from Otterbox by click this link. Otterbox Defender Series offerings.

Though, it is not as simple as the manual would have you believe it is, you have to study it a little bit. It comes in English, Spanish and French. Pictures are usually worth a thousand words, but these pictures wont help you put it together, the video above might help. My wife wanted to kill me. I showed her my Motorola Droid real quick and she almost started crying, some people have no sense of humor. Aside from the case itself, it brings a belt clip as well, though the belt clip does not seem to hold the phone in too well, but it does double as a kick stand as well so you can watch movies.

Aside from the rubber outer case, the inside is a strong plastic that is lined with foam, as another form of insulation. If you notice, those cut outs along the top, bottom and sides are actually so that it does not restrict you from using your phones standard functions.

The basics

For example, before you take a photo, the phone automatically adjusts white-balance and exposure to create a tone map for better highlights and shadows; it also performs auto-focus matrix metering for improved sharpness. When you take the photo, the phone actually takes multiple images, analyzes them in real time, and then shows you what it thinks is the best one. The 5s also includes image stabilization in software: And a new burst mode captures ten full-resolution frames per second for as long as you hold down the shutter button.

You can choose others manually, if you like. When taking video, you can capture p video at frames per second, slowing it down later for true slow-motion video. You can do the editing in your favorite video app, or you can choose, right in the Photos app, which section of the clip to view in slo-mo. And Panorama mode now lets you adjust exposure as you pan.


Many times during the iPhone event, Apple pointed out the advantages of making both hardware and software, combining them to best take advantage of both. The phone then produces a digital template again, not an image based on that scan. In other similar systems, software then runs such a template through a cryptographic hashing process, making it virtually impossible to recreate the original print from the template. But we do know that it will let you bypass the lockscreen passcode.

You do have a lockscreen passcode, right? It will also let you authenticate with iCloud and the App Store using your finger. With all this new technology and speed on the iPhone 5s, is the battery life worse than that of the iPhone 5?

OtterBox Cases, Covers and Skins for iPhone 5c | eBay

Apple claims that the iPhone 5s offers battery life equal to or greater than that of the iPhone 5. Specifically, the company says the iPhone 5s offers 10 hours of 3G talk time, 10 hours of LTE or Wi-Fi browsing, or hours of standby time. Is the 5s exactly the same size as the 5?

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Will my existing accessories and cases work? What about the iPhone 5c? The iPhone 5s is indeed exactly the same size as the iPhone 5, so existing iPhone 5 cases will fit the new iPhone 5s.

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If you want to use a case not specifically made for the iPhone 5s, be sure the opening s for the camera and flash are large enough to avoid this problem. Cases aside, existing iPhone 5 accessories—docks, speaker docks, chargers, and the like—should all work with the iPhone 5s.

Similarly, with the exception of dock cradles custom-fit for the iPhone 5s, most of these accessories should work fine with the iPhone 5c. Does that include the new iPhones? What about current iPhone owners? Instead, any iOS 7-compatible device activated on or after September 1, —regardless of when you purchased it—is eligible for free copies of these apps.

The iPhone 5s may look a lot like its predecessor. But with a faster new processor, a fingerprint sensor, and an improved camera flash, it's a serious upgrade. The iPhone 5c offers enough new features at an attractive enough price to make it an affordable upgrade to anyone who still owns a iPhone 4 or 4s.

Apple unveils powerful iPhone 5s and entry-level 5c. The no-brainer upgrade for iPhone 4 or 4s. Condition New Refurbished Manufacturer Refurbished. View Deal. Otterbox Samsung S6 Cases.

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